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Our Story

billow + bound is an independent, Colorado-based clothing brand. Our items are made from 100% cotton handwoven ikat fabrics that use only GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) dyes. Handwoven by master weavers in Central India, our fabrics enjoy a richness in color and greater durability that machine woven fabrics do not. We are also deeply committed to showcasing and creating a market for these stunning textiles that supports the talented artisans who make them. While they are exquisite, as moms, we also want our clothes to let kids be kids – durability and washability are most important! We work very closely with our artisans to develop color palettes and design the fabrics in a way that captures cultural tradition and still appeals to a modern aesthetic. Our hope is that billow + bound inspires you to share the world with someone.

Hirshini has always had an affinity for beautiful fabrics. From her early childhood, she recalls her fascination with her mother’s gorgeous, hand woven silk saris and wool shawls and listening to the story behind each one. Inspired by her mother’s passion for artisanal quality, Hirshini brings home handcrafted fabrics from all of her travels – luxurious wools from Italy, Argentina and New Zealand, rich, traditional dyed and woven cottons from Ghana and Tanzania, lush silks from Cambodia, India and Thailand. A global public health expert, Hirshini has worked on 5 continents, primarily in the areas of HIV prevention and treatment and women’s and children’s health. She recently lived in Mumbai for a couple of years, where, when she wasn’t working in public health, she was probably browsing at a textile market. By way of the East Coast (from MA to GA and various states in between), Spain and India, Hirshini currently lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and their two young daughters.
During a ten year stint in Asia, Erika fell in love with ikat fabrics from Cambodia. She took every opportunity she had to visit markets in places like Laos, Vietnam, Nepal and Indonesia in order to indulge this newfound passion and collect as much as she could. A journalist and certified yoga teacher, she has profiled artists in Hong Kong for the South China Morning Post and taught yoga to trafficked women in Cambodia. Born and raised in Texas, Erika now resides in Denver with her two children…not too far from Hirshini.