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The Power of Stories

Yesterday on Instagram, we posted about the power of stories. There are many human stories that are embodied in our fabric. The people who earn a living from weaving, the cultural tradition woven, pun intended, throughout the fabric and the time and skill it takes to produce just one meter of ikat all give life to these textiles.

Last fall, we were able to take an amazing photographer with us to visit the weavers and capture their process in action. I’ve noted below how long each step in the ikat making process takes. Mind boggling once you think about it. But with this attention to detail comes immense quality. And our goal is for our items last your child a few years…years where your child gives our clothing more powerful stories to tell.

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The following is to produce just 25 meters of ikat fabric…

Getting yarns and yarn counting – 2 days



Bleaching yarns – 1 day





Design marking and dyeing – 7 days (these processes alternate depending on the number of colors used)



Jointing and loading the loom – 4 days





Weaving 25 meters of a simple 2 colour ikat pattern – 12.5 hours



Photo cred – Kishor Krishnamoorthi

Happy New Year Ya’ll

A belated Happy New Year from us here at billow + bound. We have a taken a little break over the holidays to spend time with family and friends in Colorado, Germany and Texas between the two of us. It was a well-deserved break after having made two trips to India last year and having launched billow + bound, of course! We were able to work with our amazing artisans whom, through their weaving organization in Central India’s Pochampally region, have the ability to work close to home, to support their families and to sustain this incredible art form called ikat, the original inspiration for our little brand. So we are super excited to bring you an array of magical textiles and fun styles in 2017!

It has been cold, cold, cold here in Colorado and we’re dreaming of warmer days from just a few weeks ago in the Texas Hill Country. Kaia ganked my hat and it worked, so I managed to snap a few shots of her on the farm in our current bestseller, the Livingstone dress. Online now folks 🙂 let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Or just say hi. We’d love to hear from you.

‘til next time

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